Why Use MOST Interactive™?

MOST Interactive™ combines ease-of-use with a flexible and powerful feature set to help manage complexity for you. Here's how MOST Interactive™ can help (click on any item below for details):

Customizable Audits
  • Time Saving

    Once the question set has been created there will be no need to wade through long lists of questions that don't apply to your organization when performing an audit.

  • Question Sets

    Sets of questions can be tagged and named to create customized forms that serve as the basis for audits. These question sets are fully customizable so you can track exactly what you want and nothing that you don't!

Instant Reporting
  • PDF Format

    All reports are generated in PDF format which allows you to print, save, or email your results. Often, though, you'll just want to view the results in the browser. There are several types of reports including detail reports, standard summary reports, risk summary reports, and question set reports. View sample reports.

  • Reporting Made Easy

    Having answers to a series of questions is a necessary step to demonstrating compliance. However, taking the raw data and producing meaningful information can be difficult and time-consuming. With MOST Interactive™, once you have saved audit information using the innovative "ribbon" interface, you are only a couple of clicks away from attractive, well-designed reports.

True Web 2.0 Application
  • Browsers

    Since MOST Interactive™ makes extensive use of AJAX and CSS, a good user experience depends on having a recent, standards-compliant browser. We have tested our application and have found MOST Interactive™ to be fully functional with up-to-date versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet.

    Supported Browsers
  • Web Application Benefits
    Since MOST Interactive™ is a web application it runs in your browser. This provides a number of benefits to you and your organization:
    • No software to install (your IT department thanks you!)
    • No updates to install because updates to the software are performed on the server automatically
    • You have access to the software from anywhere you have a browser!
Excellent Interface (both Mobile and Standard!)
The intuitive interface means you spend more time using the application and less time learning how to use it! The screens in MOST Interactive™ have been thoughtfully designed to minimize the number of clicks required to accomplish common tasks while providing access to large question sets. For example:
  • Customized Question Sets

    Creation of question sets is managed through key words that allow you to select questions according to services offered in your organization.

  • 1-Click Access

    The "audit listing" screen provides one-click access to all this:

    • View/search/sort list of audits
    • Answer questions in an audit
    • View a detailed report on an audit
    • Add summary notes to an audit
    • Edit the header information for an audit
    • Create a new audit
    • Lock a completed audit

  • MOST Interactive™ Mobile

    We love our mobile devices as much as you do! The MOST Interactive™ Mobile application is carefully designed with the needs of mobile users in mind. The mobile site uses the same ribbon interface to help you manage large audits on a small screen.

    Now you can complete an audit on-site, knowing that with every touch of the screen, your answers are being instantly saved on the MOST Interactive™ server!

  • Ribbons

    MOST Interactive™ uses an innovative "ribbon" interface to group questions. A ribbon is a collection of questions in the interface that can be collapsed to a single line or expanded to reveal all questions. Individual ribbons can be opened or closed by clicking on the ribbon header.

Secure Software
  • Backups

    Your data is automatically backed up on a daily basis with snapshots of your data available for up to a week back.

    The server that keeps your data is housed in a professionally managed data center.

  • SSL

    All transactions are performed using SSL (the same technology used for securing credit card transactions) which protects your data while it is passed from the server to your screen.

  • Managed User Accounts

    Access is granted only to verified users who present a correct password.

    Your organization decides what user accounts will be created and what permission levels those users will have.

Personalized, Comprehensive Training
  • Timely Feedback

    Research has shown that providing feedback to individuals allows them to change their behavior, especially when training or other improvement techniques are conveyed to the individual. Using MOST Interactive™ alerts clinicians, programs, and organizations to specifically target those areas that need improvement. It also allows individuals to receive feedback and praise on areas where they are strong or have made improvement.

  • Peer Reviews

    Asking individuals to review peers facilitates many processes. First, it teaches them what to look for in a review. If they know what others look for in a review, they can then learn to apply those same techniques to their own work. Second, it shows them how other individuals document or complete charts. They may be able to glean information from others or offer advice to others. It's a win-win!

  • Training

    When you purchase access to MOST Interactive™ we provide on-site training for your organization as part of the training process you learn how to construct question sets, how to manage users, how to perform audits, and how to generate reports. Training also includes guidance on how to structure a comprehensive review system to include peer reviews and timely feedback.

Cost/Risk Management
  • Strategic Use of MOST Interactive™

    Strategically used, a single MOST Interactive™ medical record audit can be used for multiple activities, including:

    • Peer Reviews
    • Clinical Supervision
    • Competency Evaluation
    • Job Performance Evaluation
    • Identification of Training Needs

  • Risk Management

    MOST Interactive™ can be used as a powerful risk management tool:

    • Reports in MOST Interactive™ provide actual dollar amount risks based on audits that have been completed. So, problem areas are highlighted allowing them to be addressed.
    • Reducing the risk of claims - many incidents resulting in claims against an agency can be linked to failure to follow an established treatment plan, failure to identify and correct skills deficits of direct care providers and failure to actively monitor safety concerns.
    • Reducing risk of recoupment - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). CMS may reclaim payments through a process known as "recoupment." Identifying and correcting potential areas of recoupment can be a great cost savings for an organization.