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Managing compliance in a complex regulatory environment can be a daunting task, but with MOST Interactive™, it doesn't have to be. Our web application is designed to help healthcare organizations track performance through the use of customizable audits and informative reports. With our user-friendly interface, you can quickly and easily enter audit data and generate highly informative reports in PDF format, including recoupment risk data. Additionally, our personalized training can help you get the most out of our cost-effective software.

Using MOST Interactive™, you can improve the quality of care, track recoupment risk, reveal areas of non-compliance, and implement a system of peer reviews. Our customizable audits feature allows you to create question sets based on published standards or custom-built questions, providing a flexible and powerful tool to manage complexity. Plus, with our time-saving feature, you won't need to wade through long lists of irrelevant questions when performing an audit.

MOST Interactive™ is a secure web application that has been online since 2010, with a remarkably stable and robust architecture. Our use of Ajax and CSS provides dynamic behavior similar to that of a desktop application, ensuring a good user experience with a recent, standards-compliant browser. We even maintain a dedicated mobile site optimized for small screens, so you can perform audits on-the-go if needed.

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