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The Look Of MOST Interactive™

See how MOST Interactive™ can help you organize your compliance reporting with detailed visuals of our software's user-friendly interface and advanced features that make compliance reporting easy. Streamline your workflow, enhance accuracy, and save valuable time with the transformative capabilities of MOST Interactive™


Audit Listing Screen

The listed audits on the screen are accompanied by six icons, providing convenient options for managing each audit. These icons allow you to: Answer questions within the audit. View a detailed report of the audit. Add summary notes to the audit. Edit the header information of the audit. Archive the audit. Lock the audit. To make navigation easier, you can use the search box to shorten long lists. Additionally, the list can be rearranged by simply clicking on the header of any column. The "%Done" column displays the progress of the audit by showing the percentage of questions answered so far. This screen also serves as a platform for launching the creation of a new audit.

Audit Header Screen

On this screen, you can see the essential components of creating a new audit. Each audit comprises a unique name and is built upon a specific set of questions. It is crucial for the audit to specify the subject or entity being audited, and it must have at least one designated reviewer. Additionally, paraprofessionals have the option to be included in the audit. You have the flexibility to list any number of reviewers for an audit.


Audit Answer Screen 

The Audit Answer screen is the dedicated area for recording answers to the questions. The questions are organized into ribbons, which can be expanded or collapsed individually by clicking on them. Alternatively, you have the option to expand all ribbons at once for a comprehensive view. Within a ribbon, questions can be ordered based on sections, distinguishing between clinical and non-clinical aspects, or even by their respective answers. Additionally, you can add notes to individual responses and also attach notes to each ribbon for additional context.


MOST Interactive™ offers a variety of report options, including five distinct types. In this screenshot, you can see the available choices for generating a Question Set / Risk Summary Report. To access the other report types, you can simply click on the corresponding ribbon. With this intuitive system, generating reports is straightforward and hassle-free!


Question Set Detail Report

This comprehensive report offers a detailed summary of all audits conducted using a specific question set as their foundation. Each question within the set is listed, accompanied by compliance levels recorded for each month. With the ability to span up to 12 months, this report provides a comprehensive view of compliance trends over time. Additionally, there is an optional feature to include inline notes taken on individual questions. By default, the report presents results for the entire organization, but it can be customized to filter results for a single location/clinic or even an individual provider. To enhance data visualization, the report concludes with a chart displaying the compliance trend throughout the reporting period.

Question Set / Risk Summary Report

This report offers a concise overview of all audits conducted based on a specific standard (such as the Joint Commission or Medicaid) or a question set. With the flexibility to select any desired date range, the report presents compliance levels across various categories, categorized by relevant keywords. Our risk calculations utilize an acceptable compliance rate determined by your preferences. Each category's results include data for gold-thread, silver-thread, and combined questions, providing a comprehensive analysis. The report is accompanied by a visually appealing chart that graphically represents compliance rates for each category. While the default view covers the entire organization, you have the option to filter results to include a specific location/clinic or even an individual provider.

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